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My name is Manolios and I am Κρητικός!

Δεν άντεξα κι εγώ αγαπητοί φίλοι και είπα να πορευτώ στον πατριωτικό δρόμο που έχει χαράξει τις τελευταίες μέρες η συνάδελφος καλλιτέχνις Κατερίνα Muchachos, δημιουργώντας άλλο ένα αριστουργηματικό βίντεο.

Μετά από το βίντεο, ακολουθεί το κείμενο που ακούγεται εντός

Hey… γροικάτε μωρέ??

I’m neither a public service worker, nor a thief. I am a shepherd in the mountain of psiloritis.

And, I don’t drink tsikoudia everyday, only every night. I don’t say “opa” in my daily life , I say “inta ne more” . I don’t break plates in the weddings, I prefer shooting “balothies” with my gun. Oh and I don’t know Manouso, Sifalio, or Kostantis from Creta… I am joking… offcourse I know them!

I speak Greek and also its Cretan dialect very fluently, which is very very difficult. Most of the people from my island and my country speak at many foreign languages because they use them to have sex with the beautiful tourists girls from north europe that come here for the summer…

I believe in Κρητικάτσα… The entire world aspires to its ideals…

I can swim in the waters of over 500 cretan beaches, where I meet the beautiful north European girls that I have sex with them!

My island and my country is of exceptional beauty, and tradition. And my family is a sacred instkjfkdjk!

My name is Manolios…

And I am Κρητικόοοος…


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